Technology Innovation

We continue to research on the commercial refrigeration technology and closely follow up customer’s requirement to make it unique aesthetic.


HC,CO2 refrigerant  application

Solar power cooler

3 D appearance cooler & Gelato showcase

Energy consumption system application, such as EMS & Carlo controller

LED light application

High effective compressor & Fan motor application

Cassette model(removable refrigeration deck) application

Modularization design application in Gelato & Pastry, ice cream freezer and cooler


Innovative design principles, the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are combined to create products that exceed customer expectations

Environmental sustainability & energy Savings

As a important player in commercial refrigeration products, we take great pride in our commitment to design and manufacture products that reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint.

Over the past 20 years, we have achieved some outstanding results in this area. Ongoing research into new electrical engineering technologies, state-of-the-art light solutions, and relationship building with global companies, ensures we keep pace with the latest advances in environmental sustainability and energy efficiency

At Amed,we know that each and every one of us has a responsiblity to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our natural environment and non-renewable resources.

You can depend on us to provide your business with commercial refrigeration products that will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption


Customized solutions

Any of the cabinets in our existing product range can be customised to suit your exacting specifications. The following are just some of 

the changes that are made regularly by our team:

Cabinet Dimensions

Variations on depth, width and height


Door frame color is optional

Glass or solid doors

Temperature Variations

Meet any non-standard refrigeration requirements between -25 degrees C and ambient

Remote or build in refrigeration system

Many of the cabinet can choose remote refrigeration and build in refrigeration system 

Modularization design application 

Customer have a lot of optional for each modularization parts of our refrigeration products,

It can satisfy your difference requirement and easy for maintenance and repair.

Whether you are a global organisation looking for a complete product design or a shop or bar owner seeking a unique aesthetic to your 

commercial refrigeration, our specialised team can customise products to suit your exacting requirements.