Europe Open Display Cooler OFR-DR Series

Product Details

Features & Benefits

Europe Open display cooler OFR-DR series

* Design for europe market

* Take with CE certificate for europe supermarket open front display cooler

* Side mirrior panel or glass is optional

Good appearance for attracting the consumer in europe supermarket or convenience store

* Attractive Appearance

* Stainless steel are optional

* Improved shelf arrangement

Increased energy efficiency

* Optimized air management

* Energy-efficient EC fans(EMB fan motor)

* Effective Fin type evaporator to increase the evaporation temperature and heat exchange amount

* Front glass are optional

* LED light for energy saving

Environment friendly Configuration - HC refrigerant

* R290 refrigerant is conform to europe market request

Easy maintenance

* Fast and flexible shelf fitting design

* Easy-to-clean design to keep Hygienic of the cabinet 

Full dimensions of the  Europe Open display cooler OFR-DR series

* Two depth model 660mm or 787mm

* Lenght has 700mm,1000mm,1310mm,1500mm,1940mm and 2560mm,this full dimensions can satisfy europe supermarket request on the open front display cooler


* R404A refrigerant

* Graphics of the  Europe Open display cooler

* Power plug for Europe standard or Italy or France or Germany standard are optional

* Glass door are optional

Specification of europe open front display cooler OFR-DR Series

Open front display coolerModelExternal Dimensions
Temperature Range℃SystemRefrigerant
OFR-DR series


(side mirrow)


2~8Plug in R290, R404A


(side glass)


2~8Plug in R290, R404A


(side mirrow)

 1000*660*20002~8Plug in R290, R404A


(side glass)

 1000*660*20002~8Plug in R290, R404A


(side mirrow)

1310*660*20002~8Plug inR290, R404A


(side glass)

1310*660*20002~8Plug inR290, R404A


(side mirrow)

1500*660*20002~8Plug inR290, R404A


(side glass)

1500*660*20002~8Plug inR290, R404A


(side mirrow)

1940*660*20002~8Plug inR290, R404A


(side glass)

1940*660*20002~8Plug inR290, R404A

Picture of europe open front display cooler OFR-DR Series

Europe open front display cooler OFR-07DRM 09DRM Europe open front display cooler OFR-15DRG Europe open front display cooler OFR-20DRGEurope open front display cooler OFR-13DRM WITH GLASS DOOR

   mirrow panel          glass panel        stainless steel      with door mutideck cooler

This open front display cooler are all for europe market,it can use the side mirrow panel like the picutre 1,it also can display like the picture 2 model with two side glass,it also can use the stainless steel cabinet like the picture 3 and it also can take with the door for enery saving like the picture 4.

All kinds of the optionals are suitable for aboved models and we developed for europe super market of all the models.The R290 refrigerant is also available for the market.We are the only company with full range open front display cooler and take with CE certificate for europe super market or convenience store.

If you need more information,please email to or contact Jack by whatsapp +86 18661729001


1. Can we order samples of the Europe Open Display Cooler OFR-DR Series?

--- Yes. Sample is available

2. What is the MOQ of Europe Open Display Cooler OFR-DR Series?

--- 1 pcs for each model

3. What is the LEAD TIME of the Europe Open Display Cooler OFR-DR Series?

--- 3-4 weeks after received the deposit. The next mass order will be within 2-3 weeks.

4. What is the warranty of the open air refrigerated display cases?

--- 1 Year 1% of FOC spare parts which ship together with the mass order, In some country we also can offer the repair service

5. Can you OEM for us?

--- Yes. We can produce it for you, but customer need to give the brand authorization to avoid the dispute in local market

6. Export packages

--- Standard plastic film + bottom wooden pallet package of open air refrigerated display cases. If need the box, we also can make the environmental friendly wooden crate for you independently