Meat Display Fridge Freezer RSCF-KN

Meat Display Fridge Freezer RSCF-KN
Product Details

Features & Benefits 

Meat display fridge freezer RSCF-KN

* 220-240V/50hz power supply

* 220V/60Hz,115V/60HZ is optional for this meat display fridge

* Top silding door is optional

Exquisite appearance for good showing

* Join together of straight ark,90 degree of corner stitching,to create a flexible shop design

* Average 0 degree to keep the meat in fresh and good color and quality

Meat temperature uniformity is better

* Dynamic cooling system to full cooling every corner of the inside cabinet

Fast freeze equipment

* Copper fin type evaperator and condenser with international powerful compressor to quick freeze

Easy to monitor the temperature

* Electronic controller with digital display

Easy maintenance

Semi-movable condensing unit for easy cleaning

Easy usage

* Frost free 


* Sliding glass Door

* R404A

* 220V/60Hz

* 115V/60HZ

* Front open door

* 90 degree of corner joined together 

Plug-in Service
Counter Freezer
PSCF-KNPSCF-13KNT1350*1100*1240-2~2Plug-inR22, R404A
PSCF-19KN1960*1100*1240-2~2Plug-inR22, R404A
PSCF-26KN2600*1100*1240-2~2Plug-inR22, R404A
PSCF-38KN3850*1100*1240-2~2Plug-inR22, R404A

Through decades' development, AMED is now a leading and professional manufacturer and supplier of meat display fridge freezer rscf-kn. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, our equipment comes in good performance, high stability and strong durability. Welcome to buy the best products for sale with us.


1. Can we order samples of the Meat Display Freezer?

--- Yes. Sample is available

2. What is the MOQ of Meat Display Freezer?

--- 1 pcs for each model

3. What is the LEAD TIME of the Meat Display Freezer?

--- 2-3 weeks after received the deposit. The next mass order will be within 2 weeks.

4. What is the warranty of the Meat Display Freezer?

--- 1 Year 1% of FOC spare parts which ship together with the mass order, In some country we also can offer the repair service

5. Can you OEM for us?

--- Yes. We can produce it for you, but customer need to give the brand authorization to avoid the dispute in local market

6. Export packages

--- Standard plastic film + Bottom wooden pallet of meat display cooler. If need the box, we also can make the environmental friendly wooden crate for you independently