Remote Multideck Display Open Chiller RM-HAP(-1~5?) for southeast asia supermarket

Remote Multideck Display Open Chiller RM-HAP(-1~5℃) for southeast asia supermarket

This multideck display open chiller are very popular in southeast asia market because it is hot area and high humidity.So it need the multideck display chiller temperature can be meet -1~5 degree.So this customer choose our models for many year because they compared to few supplier and their equipment.The dairy and meat can not put in there one week and 3 days,and it waste a lot of food and the energy consumption is too high but the temperature can not meet -1~5 degree,most of them are 2-8 degree.

So please find the information of the multideck display open chiller model informations as follow.


* Model name: RM-HAP

* Type: remote multi deck display open front chiller for commercial usage

* Temperature: -1~5 degree

* Height: 2 meter,optional 2.2 meter

* Refrigerant: R404a ,CO2 is optional

* Width: 1.875 meter, 2.5 meter, 3.75 meter and 2.04 meter for corner


1. Good appearance for enhancing presentation of merchandise

2. Increased end wall glazing of the mutideck

3.  Improved shelf arrangement and easy for handing

4.  Optimized air managemen for energy saving

5. Effective evaporator to increase the evaporation and take with EC fan motor

6. LED illumination system for long life of the multi deck showcase

7. Cross bar and hook is optional for the package food

8. Glass door is optional for the mutideck chiller

9. Wooden box package for the semi-hermetic compressor refrigeration unit and Hermetic compressor refrigeration unit to keep the key part in safe conditions

Specifications of the  remote mutideck model

Remote MultideckModelExternal Dimensions
Temperature Range℃SystemRefrigerant
RM-HAP(-1~5℃)RM-18HAP1875*1100*2000 /2200-1~5RemoteR744 (CO2),R404A
RM-25HAP2500*1100*2000 /2200-1~5RemoteR744 (CO2),R404A
RM-37HAP3750*1100*2000 /2200-1~5RemoteR744 (CO2),R404A
RM-20HAPT2040*1100*2000 /2200-1~5RemoteR744 (CO2),R404A

Picture of the remote multideck model 


Appearance of the remote multideck chiller RM-HAP 

blob.png blob.png

Productions of the remote multideck chiller RM-HAP cabinet     Cross bar and hook in the multideck chiller 

  blob.png     blob.png blob.pngblob.png

Remote multideck chiller RM-HAP cabinet loading    wooden box package of the compressor refrigeration unit + Cross bar +LED light + price strip

We believe the good quality products will reduce the cost of food waste and save the energy,and make the world green and  clean.

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