Pharmacy Refrigerator and Freezer

Basic Info

Model NO.:HP-PF210Package:Standard Package
Specification:ISO9001: 2008 ISO13485 CE SGSOrigin:China
Forced Air Cooling System:Controlled by Micro-ComputerRefrigeration Function Can Be Stop Sepa:Light and Sound Alarms
Power-on Delay:off-Cycle ProtectionLCD Display:with Shelves
Safety Door Lock:Stable TemperatureProduction Capacity:300PCS/Month

Pharmacy Refrigerator and  Freezer

HP series fridges designs for demands for refrigerator chamber and freezer chamber separately in one cabinet.It can be used for storage pharmacy,vaccine,medicine,blood products,biology products,and so on for hospital,blood-bank,center for Disease Prevention,clinic and scientific research institution,etc.
1,Prices Temperature control
Refrigerator Chamber:2ºC ~ 8 ºC;
Freezer Chamber:-10ºC ~ -26 ºC & -10ºC ~ -40 ºC;
Controlled by micro-computer; temperature for refrigerator and freezer can be digital display separately;
Forced air cooling system,the refrigeration function can be stop separately.  
2,Safety Control Systems
Light and sound alarms:high or low temperature,temperature sensor failure,door open(For refrigerator);
Protecting functions such as power-on delay, off-cycle protection.
3,Cooling system
Select famous brand compressor and introduced Fan Motor,rational optimized evaporator and the new wind structure,ensure uniform temperature stability in refrigerator; 
Fluoride-free foaming, fluoride-free refrigerant, environment-friendly.
4,Humanized Design
LCD display(for PF210 and PF265),LED display(for PF-288 and PF-288A);
With shelves(PF210/PF265 is glass shelves) for refrigerator chamber,with transparent drawer for freezer chamber;
Safety door lock,preventing the door opened by chance;
Universal caster with locking function design at the bottom,free to moved and easy to fix;
Wide range of voltage design,range from 198~242 volts,50HZ/60HZ(Optional).

Main Technical Parameters:

ModelCapacityTempExternal Size
Inside Size(W*D*H/MM)ClimateShelves/Drawer
HP-PF210210L2 ~ 8 ºC;
-10 ~ -26 ºC
HP-PF270270L2 ~ 8 ºC;
-10 ~ -26 ºC
HP-PF290290L2 ~ 8 ºC;
-10 ~ -40 ºC
HP-PF290A290L2 ~ 8 ºC;
-10 ~ -40 ºC

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