New Beer Taps - Beer Dispenser Parts From AMED Commercial Refrigeration

AMED is a professional commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer, who has 21 years experience in

this field. We focused on the commercial refrigeration of beverage cooler, beer keg cooler & beer

dispenser, draft beer tower , Beer tap and other draft beer parts, ice cream freezer, supermarket

refrigeration, bakery showcase, etc.


Our main customer is international soft drinks, beer factory, juice factory, dairy company, ice cream

factory, gelato shop and bakery shop who located in Russia, Middle Asia, South East Asia , North and

South Europe,Africa, etc. At the same time, we have a lot of agent who cooperate with us of the beer

dispenser, flash chiller, beer tower, beer taps and other beer dispenser parts and service for global

customer. 21 years focusing in this field make us to continue to design the unique commercial

refrigeration display model and make a excellent quality products.


As one of the most important beer cooler, beer dispenser, beer tower, beer taps and other beer parts manufacturer in China, we always active on the innovation for such kind of marketing equipment and we wish to bring more value to our customer such as brewery factory and the beer seller (bar , café shop, restaurant ,etc) in the world.

According to our investigation and research on the beer keg cooler and beer dispenser user, they think the beer tap’s appearance and quick pour of the beer is important for them. A excellent beer tap can motivate the consumer’s desire of drinks and make the beer brand impressive in their mind. At the same time, they also need the taps can works well to pour out the beer quick and cleanly.


Based on such kind of situation, we developed new three different kind of beer taps to satisfy the beer keg and beer dispenser’s user requirement.

1.       Beer Tap BT-6: with compensator, polished 304 stainless steel,designed for Czekh beer dispenser customer

2.       Beer Tap BT-7: special design for bar,cafe ofUKbeer dispenser customer

3.       Beer Tap BT-8: with compensator, polished brass, which desgined forGermany,Polandbeer dispenser market

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As a professional commercial refrigeration company, we aim at offering the good quality and innovation commercial refrigeration products, and we believe the continuous innovation on the beer dispenser, beer keg cooler, beer taps,beer dispenser parts will support our customer to gain more market.

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