Juice Post Mix Dispenser JPX-D4 for Asia Market.

Juice Post Mix Dispenser JPX-D4 for Southeast Asia Market.

Amed Juice post mix dispenser is JPX-D4 is second generation of hte post mix juice dispenser,and it is very popular in Asia market now,especially in East Asia and south east asia market,such as China Mailand,Taiwan,Hongkong,Japan,Korea,Singapore,

Malaysia and Thailand market.This model already exported 2000 pcs to in recent one year after it launched to market.

Why it is so welcome by customer because it is powerful dispensing capacity in short time and easy use in sales point,so it save a lot of time to install and clean the machine.Please find the details as follow.

Features of the juice post mix dispenser JPX-D4

1. 4 falvour drinks for dispensing 4 different kinds of concentrate juice.So you can dispensing 4 taste of the drinks in the machine,one machine can satisfy different consumer taste.

2. Slim design is easy for putting in the table top.It is just 386mm width and it can save a lot of place in the shope

3.Ajustable sweet degree of the juice from 1:7-1:10.You can customized it for your consumer and then attract your consumer.

4. Short time pre cooling,it only need 5 minutes to pre cooling and then it can dispensing the cold drinks for whole one day.

5. Easy installation.It just connect the concentract bib bag and water,then the machine can use well.We also have the Water purifier as a optional for you.

As some place need to filter the city water,and this mould is useful for local.

6. Front light box for branding and attract consumer.

Please find the details picture of post mix juice dispenser model JPX-D4 as follow.

blob.png           blob.png   +    blob.png 

Juice dispenser JPX-D4 machine                 Water purifier box                                             Concentrate juice bag(syrup bib bag)

Only the three sides of the connect together and it can use,and it do not need the tools to install it,you just need handle to do this job.It is very convenience for shop owener

or clerk to install it.

Specifications of the post mix juice dispenser model JPX-D4

1. Valve No.:4

2. Temperature range: 2-8 degree

3. Voltage/Frequency: 220~240V/50HZ

4. Net weight: 75kg

5. External dimensions (W*D*H):386*730*730mm

6. Light box: LED illumination

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