Juice Post Mix Dispenser JPX-A4 launched to europe market

Juice Post Mix Dispenser JPX-A4 launched to europe market

The Juice Post Mix Dispenser JPX-A4 first time launched to china market and it is passed the strictly testing in china market and then start to export to europe market.As china market and different ambient.

For example,south of china is always hot in one year,it is like the southeast asia,middle east and afric.North of china is like the Canada,North and middle eruope.West china like the west of USA.

Different area also have different diet,Shanghai people like the sweet food and the drinks should be a little sweet.Beijing people do not like the sweet food,so the juice drinks should be a little light.

Now our europe customer know the value of the Juice Post Mix Dispenser JPX-A4 and start to use it in local market.For example,they start to use this machine in a canteen for 6 pcs and it works well there.They need the post mix machine to dipensing the cold drinks in the lunch coming time.So it means the machine can dispensing the right temperature juice within in one hour.It means the machine should have the powerful refrigeration capability in short time.

So what is the feature of this concentrate juice machine.

1. 4 different kinds outlet of the drinks 

2. Adjustable taste(sweet of the drinks) ,water and concentrate juice between 1:7-:1:10

3. Out side installation of the concerntrate juice bag

4. Fast and flash cooling to make the drinks in cool taste 

5. Short time pre cooling.It just need 5 minutes for precooling and then it can use well.

6. LED Light box for branding

7. Easy for installation design

8. Slim imensions for easy putting: 390*640*695mm w*d*h

Picture of the juice syrup concentrate juice machine

blob.png       blob.png

Juice Post Mix Dispenser JPX-A4       Water purifier is optional 

Aboved Water purifier is just optional for the place that city water can not drink direclty,the europe canteen do not use the 

water purifier because the city water can drink directly.So they do not need it in the machine.

If you would like to know more about the juice post mix dispenser,please visit www.amedrefrigerationss.com or email to support@amedrefrigerationss.com.