How To Purchase High Quality Cold Plate

Cold store panels of color steel plate

1. thickness:

Regular library board manufacturers responsible for the plate thickness in 0.4MM

Now many manufacturers still use 0.326mm (actual steel thickness is more likely to be 0.276mm) color steel sheet, they occupy a place called cheapest price in the market. But you want to know the 0.326mm color steel strength are not up to national standards, that is from the manufacturer of this product is an inferior product. After reducing the thickness of the steel directly affect the service life of cold storage, in selecting the freezing Library Board must decide on a frozen when Board color steel thickness.

2. coat

Observation products of coating or covered film of thickness, and base board thickness, good of color plate coating basically only 0.02~0.03mm, covered film thickness often only 0.15mm following, inferior color steel buckle Board often in steel base board and the color steel buckle Board coating or covered film Shang cheats, usually used reduced steel base board thickness, and in steel base board Shang more spray several road coating or used very thick of covered film, even market Shang some color steel buckle Board steel base board only 0.15mm, covered film is has 0.4mm. Color steel plate thin substrate, coating or film too thick it will greatly reduce the life of color steel plate.

3. base material

Color steel plate the substrate is generally high quality galvanized steel sheet, some brands under the pressure of market competition, in order to reduce costs will not hesitate to use the recycled steel.