Gelato Display Fridge Case Gelato Dec export to Australia market

Gelato Display Fridge Case Gelato Dec export to Australia market

Few years ago,our customer are only chain store company like Haagen-Dazs,Nestle,Meng niu gelato showcase,it is producing 

200-400 pcs of the gelato showcase each time and most of the gelato display fridge show case are install in China and Europe market.It means that we focusing in the B2B business few years ago.

In order to meet retail market demends on the gelato display,so we developed some model are suitable for it.For example,the model Gelato Display Fridge Case Gelato Dec is thin model which can satisfy the limited place but they would like to install the hight quality gelato showcase.Now the gelato showcase model DEC already exported to a lot of countries.

Recently,the model exported a 20ft container to austalia market.Please find it as attached file.

blob.png   blob.png

Gelato showcase DEC actual picture

What is the benefit of Gelato Display Fridge Case Gelato Dec?

  1. Thin design for limited place usage,it can save a lot of place

  2. customized design of pans or barrel,you can choose the one you like

  3. low noise configuration and it is quiet climate of the shop

  4. top and front brilliant illumination system to indicate your brand and gelato

  5. hot defrosting system is few temperature increase to keep the good taste of the gelato

  6. side & front appearance color are optional,it can indicate your individuality of your gelato and shop

What is the basic spec of the Gelato Display Fridge Case Gelato Dec?

1. Dimensions(w*d*h):1046*891*1258mm, 1246*891*1258mm

2. Climate(Temperature/RH) : 30°C/60%

3.    Gelato temperature: -16~-22 adjustable

4.    Refrigerant: R404a

5.   Voltage/Frequency:  220~240V/50HZ,220v/60hz are optional

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