Dry Filter

Dry filter categories: dry filter types can be distinguished, as follows:


Drying filter tube liquid;

Suction-line filter drier (also called the compressor burned dry filters, DANFOSS was called, but ALCO seems less recognized), they can remove material that may damage your system, but the focus is different.

Dry filter protection valves for liquid pipe, expansion valves and other valves parts, as well as to avoid clogging of the capillary throttling element, such as, in the refrigeration system is a standard configuration. Because the velocity is low, this filtering effect is good and the pressure drop is small, protected behind the valve. Pipes dry filters are generally follow shown in liquid mirrors. There is also a compressor burns out in order to strengthen the ability to clean up contaminated pipes specially used filter drier, it has more moisture than normal use and acid abilities.

Suction filter drier is mainly to protect the compressor. Dry filter for suction applications must not have too many in the industry, there are generally two kinds of situations as a system configuration (ALCO considered):

1. the field-installed system: installation is different from the factory, complex environment, poor cleanliness, so it is best to inhale

Pipe installation filter dryer. (But now small and medium such as split pipe installation products are not installed, unit itself processes to ensure the quality of construction, of course, this is a product of R22, did not know whether environmental protection refrigerant have to improve protection in this regard. )

2. large systems: relatively high because the cost of compressor, suction pipe with a removable filter drier compressor protection is worth it.