Commercial Beer Brewery Equipment for Sale

Basic Info

Model NO.:ZH-500LComposition:Filtration Equipment
Processing Material:Natural IngredientsProcess:Ferment
Package:Film and Wooden CaseSpecification:CE

Origin: Shangdong Province, China(Mainland)
Material:Stainless Steel 304 or Red CopperInsulation Material:Polyurethane
Insulation Thickness:100mmColor:Stainless Steel or Red Copper
Cooling Medium:Ice Water or GlycolCooling System:Ice Water Refrigerator
Shape:Cylinder and ConeHeaitng Method:Electric Heating,Steam Heating,Gas Heating
Polishing Precision:0.4umProduction Capacity:30 Sets Every Month

One project, one high-quality goods

Commercial Beer Brewery Equipment for Sale: Mash system is composed by mash tun, brew kettle, lauter tun, whirlpool tank and valves and pipe fittings, the main heating methods of mash tun & brew kettle are steam heating, electrical heating, gas heating. The tank body is double-deck structure, the space between the decks is filled with materials like "rock wool or polyurethane". Heating area sufficiently achieve the required boiling evaporation capacity, can effectively prevent the leakage of heat energy consumption. The inside surface of tank using international standard stainless steel, the outside surface of tank using good quality stainless steel, the primitive simplicity and elegant appearance combines with the indoor decoration, not only can brew tasteful beer, but also has the ornamental value as the symbol of work of art.

1. Product Projects: 50L-5000L
Brewery Equipment
Micro Beer Equipment
Micro Brewery/Brewhouse Equipment
Hotel Beer Equipment
Laboratory Beer Equipment
Home Beer Equipment
Mash Tun
Yeast Propagation Equipment
Fermentation Tank
Bright Beer Tank
CIP Cleaning System
Beer Sales Tank
Stainless Steel Beer Equipment
Red Copper Beer Equipment

2. Production Line
Milling System
Mashing System
Fermentation System
Cooling System
Control System: PLC automation controling system
Cleaning System: CIP cleaning with cabinet control
Beer Selling System

The sight glass in mashing system and valve in beer equipment

1. (1)Infiltrating, crushing malt.
(2)Heating the brewing water in brew kettle
2. (1)Pumping a certain amount of appropriate temperature of hot water into mash tun
(2)starting rotary blade, uniformly putting into material, stopping rotary blade when stirring uniformly. Timing saccha
(3)Controlling of water temperature and water quantity, keeping appropriate saccharification temperature, stirring in every 15 minutes
3. (1)refluxing turbid wort when saccharification ends. Observing through the sight glass, beginning to filter when wort is charified
(2)washing the tank when the tank exposes in the filtration process, water temperature 78
(3)Continue to filtrate after washing the tank, until sugar content meets the requirements. Stopping washing the tank and filtrating
4. (1)pumping all the wort into brew kettle, heated to boiling for 60 to 90 minutes
(2)in the first ten minutes of boiling, batch adding bitter hops
(3) adding sweet hops before the end of boiling

5. (1)after the end of boiling, immediately pumping wort into lauter tun&whirlpool tank.
(2)starting to cyclotron precipitation, lay aside for 30 minutes
6. (1)starding cold water valve and wort pump at the same time, cooling wort to a certain temperature in the plate heat exchanger
(2) after wort is cooling, oxygenating to 8mg/l, pumping wortto fermentation tank
(3)adding special beer yeast into fermentation tank to ferment
7. (1)controlling fermentation temperature and pressure, when brix drop to 4.2, sealing tank to maintain pressure, automatically heating up to 12 ° C, deoxidating cold diacetyl
(2)at the end of deoxidating cold diacetyl, cooling uniformly and slowly, precipitating yeast in this process
(3) wine temperature drop to 1 to 2 ° C can be stored, tank bottom yeast mud can be recycled

Eqiupment List
ZH-0.5                                        Model
Eqiupment List

Malt Mill 300Kg/h CIP Cleaning
Washing Tank 50L/2pcs
Work Bin accessory Washing Pump 3m³/h

Mash Tun 500L Pipeline&valves accessory
Lauter Tun 500L Cooling
Ice Water Tank 1500L
Wort Pump 5m³/h Cooling Machinery 4HP/2sets

Heat Exchanger 8m² Ice Water Pump 1.7m³/h

Wort Oxygenator accessory Pipeline&valves accessory

Assemble Pipeline accessory Control
DCS Style box2000*700*400
Fermentation Tank 500L/10pcs PLC Style box2000*700*400
Yeast Tank 12L Energy Steamed Boiler 45kg/h
Bright Beer Tank
1000L electrical heating 45kw

Pipeline&valves accessory      


Description of goods Micro brewery
Capacity 100L-100HL
Material SUS304 or red copper
Warranty Three years for main equipment
MOQ 1set
Delivery time 15-40 working days, based on the capacity
Supply ability More than 100pcs,based on the capacity
Package Steel frame or wooden cases, according to your requirement
Payment term T/T
Trade term FOB/EXW
Port of loading Qingdao

Product Description