Cold roomfor south east asia market

a refrigeration solutions for southeast asia supermarket

Cold room solutios for their meat

Features & Benefits 

Cold room storage freezer 

* Cold room freezer is for meat or frozen food storage

* -18℃ normal cold room with direct cooling or dynamic cooing sytem 

* Directing cooling system is also optional

Effective low temperature cold room

* Used effective refrigeration units to make sure the temperature can meet the request in short time

Modular design for easy installation and service

* We make the modular design for the cold room and the volume is 50 square meter.

* Eah of the panel make the marks and give the drawings,workman only need to follow up the instructions and then it is every easy to install it

Reliable and durage usage of the refrigeration system

* The imported compressor and refrigeration unit are reliable performance guarantee 

Wide Climate design and usage

* The cold storage room can safe operation from the environment temperature of minus 10 degrees to 60 degrees

Food grade material of the cold room panel for safe usage

* Use the food grade material to make sure the cold room is clean or easy to clean and keep the food or meat in safe condition 

Picture of the amed direct cooling cold room for meat 



aluminum evaporator  with LED Light,use the semi-hermetic compressor for energy saving.Window on door + air curtain machine 

Walk in cold room refrigeration for dairy of the south east asia supermarket

0-7 degree for the dairy refrigeration,used the fan cooling system to make the temperature are in balance in different area.

Please find the picture as follow.


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