Cold Plate Polyurethane Foaming Layer

Cold store panels, foam density: national standard 40--45KG/cubic meters per cubic metre.

Cold plate foam density is related to temperature in the summer when the temperature is higher, black and white and fast reaction, normally 38-39kg/m ³. If it is in the winter when the temperature is low, black and white material response is slow, so the density is over 42Kg/m ³. Foam density because the Library Board will directly affect the overall effect and load-bearing capacity of the Library Board, so I cold plate is made of imported equipment, automatic feed, automatic thermostat high pressure foaming machine, greatly improving the polyurethane foam insulation board density and smoothness.

Many low-priced cold plate on the market in order to reduce costs, basically foaming density does not meet requirements. Thermal insulation properties and also has a lot to do with the quality of the raw materials, some unscrupulous manufacturers using cheap materials or recycling of waste polyurethane plates fill in or, worse, library board directly to the factory repair, manufacture should have been treated as industrial waste materials such as waste filled directly into the plate, leaving only around the edge of the Library Board is a new foam material. The Library Board appearance it is hard to tell the pros and cons are highly deceptive, will use after a period of time the Library Board to contract serious body seams increases, thermal insulation properties plummeted.