Buffet Freezer ISC-3

Qingdao amed commercial refrigeration company buffet freezer ISC-3

AMED buffet freezer is developed for the international ice cream company,this kind of buffet freezer is popular in west market,such as europe,australia and new zealand market.It is also like by the party culture country such as Indonesia,vietnam,Malaysia,Israel,etc.

This buffet freezer ISC-3 which we offer them all over the world and it is used in 5 star hotel,party area,wedding place,cafe,bar and other place to sell gelato,ect.In order to make you understand our products well,please find the brief introduction as follow.



Capacity: 3 pcs of 5 liter pans

Net weight: 32kg

Glass opening: from front to back

Temperature: -20 degree

Refrigerant: R404A

Light box: Led light box for branding

Stainless steel body: food grade stainless steel body of inside and outside

Low noise design: use international compressor to make sure it operate in low noise

Adjustable feet:use the adjustable feet to make this small scoop freezer in good balance



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