Beer drip tray DT-3 to usa market

Basic Information

Model name: DT-3

Tray board: Stainless steel

Frame: Arc frame with smooth plastic material

Other parts: Black plastic

Usage: Top Mounted on the beer tower

Popular model:Kegerator singler beer kegerator tap fridege AMO1-170A,commercial keg beer kegerator refrigerator dispenser AM01-180D,and dual faucet keg kegerator AM03-560.All of the beer tower diameter less than 9.5cm.Such as the Cobra Style Beer Tower-1,Cobra Style Beer Tower-2,Cobra Style Beer Tower-3,Cobra Style Beer Tower-4 and other kind of tower with many taps or faucet.

Painting size (W*D*H):315*200*19mm,middle diameter 96mm.

Package side (W*D*H):320*205*20mm,DHL standard No.5 box and No.6 box can load 23pcs,31pcs.

Net weight: 0.5kg

This beer drip tray DT-3 is very good to used in home bar,home kegerator or small shop or bar or restaurant free standing beer dispenser cooler.It is looks nice and also every to clean and the price is also very competitive compare to the all stainless stell drip tray.The delivery cost is also very good because the height is not so heavy like the stainless steel drip tray.

Based on such kind of advantage,this week we produced and deliveried 100pcs for a USA customer,600 pcs for a europe customer and 100 pcs for a australia customer.Please find the goods package picture for your reference.Thanks.

Picture of the Beer drip tray DT-3.

blob.png  blob.png  blob.png blob.png

 Drip tray DT-3 picture          23 pcs per DHL No.5 box,the safety loading is 15kg

The MOQ order is 4-5 DHL standard box or other express company case.However,the sample delivery is ok for any customer.Now this kind of model sold a lot to USA,Europe and Australia market.If you know more,please visit us at or email to