Beer Cooler (beer Dispenser) Installation Manual From AMED Commercial Refrigeration

AMED is a professional commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer, who has 21 years experience in

this field. We focused on the commercial refrigeration of beverage cooler, beer cooler, beer keg cooler &

beer dispenser, draft beer tower , Beer tap and other draft beer parts, etc.


We have the full range of the beer cooler and beer dispenser equipments. It means that we can supply to

the global market which used different voltage and frequency in different country.

For example, the voltage and frequency 115V/60HZ is used in America Market and 220V/60HZ used

America, middle east,Korea,Philippinesmarket. If it is 220-240V/50HZ,it used in Europe, Oceania,Africa


At the same time, we can supply all of the beer dispenser parts which used in the beer dispenser

system, such as the cooling system- flash chiller(beer cooler);Marketing parts of beer dispenser-Beer

tower, Beer Taps, Beer drip trays, Beer medallion; Connection Parts of beer dispenser-Beer Keg, Beer

Coupler,CO2 regulator,CO2 cylinder, Beer tube, Gas tube, clamps; Beer line cleaning of beer dispenser- CIP

keg machine(beer keg cleaning machine in place), Liquid beer line cleaner, Clean can, Clean system

valve, Brush, ect; Beer dispenser installation tools- fittings, coupling nuts, shut off valve, spanner, etc.


In order to make the customer and the consumer know how to install the beer dispenser – counter top

beer dispenser system, we would like to share the following instruction manual for reference. It includes 6

parts from Chapter A to Chapter F.

     A.  Beer Cooler System Sketch Map

1-       CO2 cylinder

2-       CO2 pressure reducer

3-       CO2 supply hose

4-       Dispensing head

5-       Beer keg

6-       Beer hose

7-       Beer cooler machine

8-       Beer hose and cooling hose

9-       Beer tower

10-     Beer tap

     B.  Specifications

     Counter top model of AMED Beer Cooler AM-CT01,AM-CT02. 

     C.   Installation

1.       Machine should be installed onto the surface which is flat and solid, with sufficient ventilation, keeping away from heat, erosive sources and10cmfrom wallside.

2.       Lift off the machine cover and tank cover, then fill water into tank tiel the water level indicator (i.e. exceed the copper line about2cm). Distilled water are advised to be adopted. Spilling water onto the electrical parts/motor should be strictly avoided.

3.       Connect the CO2 pressure reducer and CO2 cylinder with wrench; one terminal of the CO2 supply hose should be connected with CO2 pressure reducer and another terminal should be connected with the tilting dispensing head by hose clamp. For easier installation, the CO2 supply hose should better be immersed into warm water for about 5 minutes before installation.

4.       Connect beer hose, which should be connected with the machine beer inlet at one terminal and dispending head at the other terminal and secured with the hose clamp.

5.       Connect beer line, which should be connected with the machine beer outlet at one terminal and beer tower beer inlet at the other terminal and secured with the hose clamp.

6.       Connect the tap with tower.

D. Operation Manual

1.       After the machine has been installed and connected with electricity supply source, condensing unit and agitator motor will start to work. Under ambient temperature25℃, first glass of beer generally can be dispensed out after 2.5hours.

2.       Connect dispensing head onto beer keg, open the CO2 cylinder valve and adjust the CO2 pressure reducing meter to 0.2MPa or brewery can adjust according to their own requirement.

3.       After adjustment of CO2 pressure, press down the dispensing head and turn on the taps to begin the beer output. First glass of beer in not drinkable as it is used for cleaning the beer line.

4.       Beer glass should be titled to tap and glass internal wall should be closed to tap outlet when dispensing beer. When beer reached 3/4 of glass, set the glass back to straight up-right position and keep appropriated distance from tap allowing perfect foam formed on top of beer. If foam is not thick enough, push the tap outflow handle backward to make more foam.

E.   Warning and Cares

1.       The cooler machine should be immediately switched off when voltage fluctuates too much or voltage is too low. Don’t re-start the machine for at least 3 minutes after electricity supply has been cut off.

2.       Disconnect the electricity supply before moving the machine, and titling should not be more than 45°

3.       Disconnect the power to stop the machine, close CO2 cylinder valve, return back the compensating screw of CO2 pressure meter at the closing time.

4.       Thermostat has been pre-set to an optimum level, user should not adjust the thermostat as improper adjustment will lead to machine breakdown.

5.       Check water level and water quality per 15 days for normal operation and refill or change the water if necessary. Clean the beer lines by special cleaning tank filled with water and special cleaning detergent periodically and connect with the dispensing head, calibrate suitable CO2 pressure, circulate flushing for 2 times. Subsequent cleaning by clean water again and finally drying with CO2 to reduce damage, water splashing onto the agitator pump and other electric parts during water replacement or cleaning process should be strictly avoided.

6.       Check and clean the fan blade with a soft, dry cloth, brush or use a vacuum cleaner to remove accumulated dust to ensure well ventilation.

7.       Periodically clean the dispensing head and tap and the rubber seal should be immerged into approximate50℃warm water for about 5 minutes to keep the rubber flexibility.

8.       If the cooler machine will not be used for a long time, please clear the water tank and beer line before covering the machine and storing at a dry place.

F.        Trouble shooting

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