AMED new 4 flavour Juice And Soda Post Mix Dispenser JPX-C4-45L launch to the market

Qingdao AMED new 4 flavour Juice And Soda Post Mix Dispenser JPX-C4-45L launch to the market


Qingdao AMED is focusing on the drinks dispensing field for years and we developed a new model for Europe and Australia market and the structure is instant cooling system and it is powerful in continue dispensing the good temperature of the juice, tea ,soda water or soft drinks in short time. It do not only can dispense the cold drinks and it also can dispense the warm drinks, it do not only can dispense the concentrate juice, but also can dispense the soft drinks as such coca-cola, pepsi cola, soda water, etc.


In order to make customer know it well and we introduce some of the powerful function here.


1.       Cooling chamber to put concentrate juice box or syrup bag.

Now china manufacturer only have the model put the concentrate juice box or syrup bag outside of the machine or do not have the cooling chamber to put the concentrate juice box or syrup bag to make it more clean and safe. Our Post Mix Dispenser JPX-C4-45L is designed and developed for Europe and australia market market and satisfy local consumer requirement.


2.       Wide range of mixing ratio: 1:5-1:10

This configuration is fully meet the use of all kinds of concentrate beverage, as the market only can dispense some kind of drinks in low mixt ratio, so we developed it for consumer from 1:7-1:9 to 1:5-1:10 and it can dispensing more kind of drinks or concentrate juice bag.


3.       Regulation precision of mixing: 1%

According to the drink kinds to set the working parameters in advance, easy to proofread and set mixed proportion quickly for the terminal. It can accurate to control the taste and it is very good for using in high level drinks


4.       Fast dispensing speed: 12s/cup (22oz) or 8s/cup (16oz)

The directional development of water purification equipment, meeting the efficiency requirements  during business peak


5.       Powerful continuous dispensing amount( 16oz):  66 cups

Using the ice storage technology maximum satisfies the drink taste  during the terminal business peak. In some place, consumer need the right temperature juice or soda water or soft drinks in short time. So we developed the powerful cooling system(ice bank) to satisfy consumer.


6.       Beverage output: measurement mode and  continuous dispensing mode(Settable)

Measurement mode can achieve the standard output of big, middle and small cups; continuous dispensing mode can achieve the continuous output. In order to adapt to sales model of the different terminal. That is very convenience model and easy usage function in actual handling in shops.


7.       Cleaning mode configuration

The periodic cleaning function can be set, ensure health security of the valve and drinks.It is very useful in market because the clerk may forget to clean the machine, but this mode can figure out it automaticly.

Aboved configuration is the same as the our new concentrate juice dispenser JPX-C2-15L and there are some function is more than that model.


1). The function of filling water into tank

Auto-induction the water level and protect the refrigeration system. Filling the water into tank through a button, replace the way of traditional artificial filling water, simplify the complicated operation of the terminal


2). Drainage mode

Through the button to realize automatic drainage, replace the way of traditional artificial drainage that moving or recycling the equipment


Please find the brief specification of this bag in box concentrate drinks dispenser JPX-C4-45L as follow.

Loading box capacity: 4*7.5L

External dimensions (W*D*H): 530*730*875mm

Net weight: 75kg

Drinks flavor: 4 flavour





There are also a lot of other functions and we can explain to you if you are interested in it. If you like such a powerful bag in box syrup or concentrate juice dispensing machine, please visit our website: or email to


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