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AMED is a professional commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer, who has 21 years experience in

this field. We focused on the commercial refrigeration of beverage cooler, beer keg cooler & beer

dispenser, draft beer tower and other draft beer parts, ice cream freezer, supermarket refrigeration,

bakery showcase, etc.

Our main customer is international soft drinks, beer factory, juice factory, dairy company, ice cream

factory, gelato shop and bakery shop who located in Russia, Middle Asia, South East Asia , North and

South Europe, Africa, etc. 21 years focusing in this field make us to continue to design the unique

commercial refrigeration display model and make a excellent quality products.


As one of the most important beer cooler, beer dispenser, beer tower and other beer parts manufacturer in China, we always active on the innovation for such kind of marketing equipment and we wish to bring more value to our customer such as brewery factory and the beer seller (bar , café shop, restaurant ,etc) in the world.

According to our investigation and research on the beer keg cooler user, they need to find out the cooler who are suitable for them to install the different size of the beer keg in the coolers. So that they can Maximum their space of the shop and make the best benefit for them. However, the current cooler in the market can not satisfy them well because they have the compressor compartment on the back side of the cooler, so that they can not fit the a little big beer keg. For example, the normal back cooler’s width is 200-300mm except the step of the compressor. In America market(include Canada, USA, etc), it only can fit the 1/6 barrel or slim 1/4 barrel and it can not fit the 1/4 barrel or 1/2 barrel. It means that cooler waste a lot of inside space of the cooler. In Europe market, It can not fit any kind of Europe or DIN standard beer keg. It only can install Slim 235 diameter or slim 278 diameter beer keg.


Based on such kind of situation, we developed two different kind of new beer keg coolers to satisfy the beer keg user’s requirement.

One of the beer keg cooler is AM02-340,AM02-450, AM03-560 which take with the beer tower and beer taps

Another beer keg cooler is BBC-340,BBC-450,BBC-560 which use the glass door for goods display in the shops.


This two kind series of the beer keg coolers have figure the two kind of main issue for the café ,bar or pub shop owners.

1. Load different size(diameter) of the beer keg or barrel. The compressor compartment is on the side of the cooler, and it have enough depth for the cooler.

2. Load different height of the beer keg or barrel. The height is 700mm and it can load the USA,DIN or Europe standard keg or barrel.

3. The 2 or 3 door design to satisfy different customer’s space request. The customer have the opportunity to choose the right dimensions beer keg cooler for their shop.


Except above solutions for the shop owners, this kind of beer keg cooler also have a good benefit for the consumers.

1).Fast and deep cooling

*  International refrigeration components to make sure the cooling speed is much more quicker than normal beer cooler, and the temperature is 0-3.3 degree(normal is 0-10 degree), so that the consumer can drink good taste of the beer in short time.

2) Stainless steel inside

*  Stainless steel floor and side, it is more clean and durage usage. This make sure the consumer can drink clean beer.

3) Food safety(NSF certificate)

NSF-7 approved for package and bottle products. Make sure the consumer can drink the safety beer in shops.

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As a professional commercial refrigeration company, we aim at offering the good quality and innovation commercial refrigeration products, and we believe the continuous innovation on the beer dispenser, beer keg  cooler, beer dispenser parts will support our customer to gain more market.


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