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AMED is a professional commercial equipment manufacturer, who has 21 years experience in

this field. The products include beverage cooler, beer cooler, ice cream freezer, supermarket

refrigeration, convenience store refrigeration and bakery showcase. Our main customer is

Russia, Middle Asia, South East Asia , North and South Europe, Africa, etc. 21 years focusing in this

field make us to design the unique display model and have excellent quality products.


In 12th,April,2015,one of our strategy customer from Indonesia company visit our factory. That Indonesia company is top 3 agent who offer the solutions for supermarket and convenience store in Indonesia. They cooperated with a lot of commercial refrigeration user such as Wal-mart,Carrefour,Metro, Casino, PT Matahari Putra Prima ,Family mart,etc.We manufactured a lot of such kind of supermarket and convenience store refrigeration equipment to them.


The Managing director(founder) of the company took with his marketing, sales and quality team meet with our Chairman of the board, General manager, engineer and marketing team. In the meeting room, both side introduced each other and exchange the operation idea of the company. Then the customer viewed and checked our factory and laboratory. After that ,we fully discussed the deep freezer, commercial beverage cooler and back open cooler solutions for the supermarket, convenience store and food industry, and both of side exchanged a lot of good ideas on the solutions.


Through the fully communication, we will develop and redesign the deep freezer, commercial beverage cooler, back bar cooler and back open cooler for them and we believe this will help them to attack the market and then lead the market in commercial refrigeration field.


Especially the back bar cooler which we develop from 60L to 800 liter which has the unique selling point for the market and the price is competitive. Please find the information as follow.


Features & Benefits: 

Convenient illumination system

* automatic light by door open + manual control

Safety glass with anti condensation function

* Double hollow Tempered glass + outer coating

Energy saving design

* LED Light system with electronic control panel

Attractive appearance of the cooler

* Elegent aluminum alloy door frame

High and low temperature alarm

* Alarm to remind and then keep the goods in safe condition

Split refrigeration system

* Easy for Maintenance and repair

Self closing glass door

* Torsion spring for efficient sealing(hanging strips)

Adjustable shelf

* Easy to adjust the storage space according to demands


* stainless steel appearance and inner liner

* Black color door frame

* Plastic door frame

* Foam door

If you would like to know more about our beverage cooler, back bar cooler,

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To be a professional commercial refrigeration company, we aim at offering the good quality and innovation commercial refrigeration products, this ideas is agreed by both side and we are doing that job according to our agreement.


The news issued by Amed marketing press team.

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