Refrigeration system blocking solution introduction

Ice block failure of the refrigeration system, it is because there is excess moisture in the system, it is necessary to dry the entire refrigeration system. Its approach in two ways:

1. drying oven for heating and drying of various components, the refrigerant in the system compressor, condenser, evaporator, capillary, suction tube from the refrigerator removed and placed inside the oven heating inside the oven temperature 120 ℃, the drying time of 4 hours, natural cooling, nitrogen blow drying them one by one. Replacement new filter drier, you can then assemble welding, pressure leak, vacuum, filling the refrigerant, commissioning and sealing. This approach works best to help troubleshoot ice block, but applies only to refrigerators manufacturers warranty Department. General repair sector heating time and other methods can be used to troubleshoot ice blockage problems.

2. the use of heated vacuum secondary vacuum method and exclude part of the refrigeration system of water.