Refrigeration system blockage causes

Ice barrier failure is mainly due to the refrigeration system contains excessive amounts of water, with continuous circulation of refrigerant, moisture in the refrigeration system gradually at the capillary outlet concentration due to capillary outlet temperatures, water into ice and gradually increase to a certain extent will be completely blocked capillary tubes, refrigerant not circulation, refrigerator not cooling.

Major sources of moisture in the refrigeration system are: compressor electrical insulation paper contains water, which is the main source of water in the system. In addition, the refrigeration system components and connecting pipes due to inadequate drying and the residual moisture; freezing oil and refrigerant has exceeded the allowed amount of water; in the Assembly or repair of the pipeline is in a development State for a long time, air moisture in the insulation and refrigeration oil absorption. Refrigeration system refrigeration system moisture content due to above reasons more than allowed, thereby causing ice block. Ice jam cause the refrigerant to cycle on the one hand, refrigerator not cooling properly, on the water will react with the refrigerant, generate hydrochloric acid, and hydrogen fluoride, which leads to corrosion of metal pipes and components, and may even cause damage to the motor winding insulation and will cause the refrigeration oil deterioration, affect the compressor lubrication. Moisture control system must therefore be at a minimum.

Refrigeration system ice block is working in an initial phase, and frosting of the evaporator, condenser cooling unit running smoothly, evaporator of refrigerant activity sound clear and stable. With the formation of ice jam can be heard the intermittent flow lessens, and jams with air flow sound disappeared, refrigerant circulation interruption, condenser gets cold. Caused by a blockage, and exhaust pressure increases, the machines run the sound increases, no refrigerant in the evaporator flows into frost area becomes smaller, the temperature has gradually increased, and capillary with temperature rise so the ice began to melt, refrigerant and start cycling again. Over a period of time after the ice block again, forming a cyclical phenomenon of pass-blocking.