Refrigeration equipment to the site should be checked and safekeeping

Refrigeration equipment to the site should be checked and properly kept. Opening should be sealed again to seal to prevent dirt, reducing corrosion. Place the device too long, should be checked before installation if there is rust or dirt, pollution, and use compressed air to blow dirt.

... In cold storage during the installation process for handling, lifting, should pay attention to the flanges, and other parts of the interface of the device should not touch, where you want to pay attention to rope and lifting points.

Equipment for glass tube liquid level indicator, should be removed before installing glass cylinder glass tube liquid level indicator, on the device after installation to install, and the glass tube protective cover should be.

Cold storage installations, in order to minimize "cold bridges", on the basis of the wood should be added. Of wood should be used in asphalt boiled in advance to prevent decay. Low temperature there should be enough space around the device to ensure insulation construction. Cryogenic equipment attached to the valves should be left between the insulating layer thickness dimensions, prevent the valve from being transferred within the insulation of cryogenic equipment, affecting valve operation and maintenance work.