PEAR cold storage temperature in the storage temperature is more appropriate?

PEAR fruit storage must have good storage sites, namely, storage. In large cold storage for PEAR production area towns to build, to build compact and energy efficient.

(1) temperature: temperature is the most important environmental conditions of PEAR fruit storage and fresh-keeping different species require different storage temperature. Storage temperature is-1~2℃. Storage temperature too low, too low fruit chilling injury. Pears the freezing point at -1.8~3 c, such as below-freezing temperatures PEAR fruit chilling injury. General storage temperature not lower than 0 ℃, but not higher than 5, if more than 5 deg accelerates senescence and increase the rate of decay.

(2) humidity: humidity is also one of the important condition of stored pome. PEAR fruit after harvest, moisture evaporation through the skin pores, such as excessive water loss, Peel beryllium, and does not affect the appearance, also affects fruit quality. Therefore, PEAR requires proper air humidity during the storage process. Relative humidity should be maintained 90%~95%, cold storage should remain 85%~95%. PEAR to PEAR fruit storage water level differences.