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AMED is a professional commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer, who has 21 years experience in this field. We focused on the commercial refrigeration of beverage cooler, supermarket refrigeration, convenience store refrigeration equipment, etc.


Recently few year, china market electronic commerce grow up very fast and it already went into different Field. In recent two years, there are more and more company are going to extend their business to the community and supermarket market share is a little decreased and the community store or convenience store are increased very quickly. It is annual growth rate is 200%-300% in fresh food market.Like, fruit, vegetable, sea fish, fresh meet and deli food etc.


It means the refrigeration equipment should be compact, low noise and safety in the limited place. It also need some special function on refrigeration equipment, such as scan the QR code or Electronic pay by mobile for the goods and then the refrigeration equipment’s door will open it for consumer to fetch the fresh food. It request the refrigeration company to combine the function together and developed for them to satisfy the organic farming company’s requirement. At the same time, the cost should be competitive.


AMED commercial refrigeration company as a important player on the refrigeration equipment and we did a lot of such kind of project for our domestic customer. The company call xian le hui is one of the leader company on the fresh food and all of the food is Organic .So that they call their shop is Organic farming experience store, during last two years, they already opened 120 shops in different city of China.


     As one of the most important supermarket, convenience store refrigeration and beverage cooler manufacturer, we do not only  

     customized such kind of refrigeration equipment for the chain store, but also OEM for the overseas customer in Asia and Europe

     area to satisfy their customer. I believe our powerful research capability and speed can support you to catch the new growth business

     in supermarket and convenience store field.

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