O2O of community fresh vegetables and fruits solutions

O2O is from online to offline, it refers to the line under the business organization and the Internet combination, let the Internet become the front line of the next line transactions, this concept originated in the United states. The concept of O2O is very wide, as long as the industry chain can relate to online and also relates to the offline, all of it can be called O2O.


The concept came to china from the year 2013,and there are a lot of china company start to use such kind Of ideas and tools to reorganize the business, Such as watching tv, having meals, SPA, travelling, taking taxi, ect. There are also a very big market start to running from last year(2015),it is fresh vegetables and fruits market, it is very big market in china and only few famous company touch this field because of the big investment of the shop and refrigeration equipment.


Based on such kind of situation of O2O development on fresh food market, we start to research and developing the concerned refrigeration equipment to meet the O2O fresh food company request. Now we cooperated with some such kind of company in china. There is a China top 10 company in vegetable planting field and they start to launch their O2O business of fruit vegetables and fruits in China market.

They cooperated with China top 3 real estate and property company and then open the standard shop in the community area to help the resident to buy and get the vegetables and fruits very easily. The consumer can place order on the line and then go to fetch their goods in their community after they go back home after go off work, or they can place order by week or by month on line, they company can mix the different vegetables and fruit for them every day and they can get them every day after they go back home. During that time, our refrigeration equipment to make the fruits and vegetable in cooling condition and make them frest, especially in summer season.


It is 20ft container used 2 sides glass and located in the community and everybody can see how is going on of the foods when they go back home after working. So they need the refrigeration equipment is quiet and safety ,and it also need to meet the dimensions of the height, length and depth(limited place).We should produce a good condition to make the consumer feel that our open front cooler and refrigerator make it in fresh situation and then they will trust the agricultural company.


    As one of the most important supermarket refrigeration and convenience store refrigeration company, we

    Accumulated a lot of expierence on the commercial refrigeration field . So that’s why we can make the right products according to 

    the market and customer request in short time.

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