How to use the premix dispenser?

How to use the premix dispenser? 

As the design of the premix dispenser usage is very simple,so that the clerk or shop owners can easy handle it.It do not only consider the convenience for using,but also consider the healthy of the usage.So the bib bag and tube is one time usage and it can not open after filling the drinks in the machine. 

There are 5 steps to use the machine and it do not use any tools for the whole process. 

Step 1: Open the carton box and take out the bib bag Step 

2: Put the bib bag into the premix machine's basket.If you use the carton box,you can put into the premix machine directly Step 

3: Take out the bib bag's tube and go through the hole and fix it by handle Step 

4: Install the flavour valve Step 

5: Close the premix machin's door and tap the drinks when one bib bag is finished and you just take out and put it into the trash cans.

It also very easy to clean valve on the machine,you only need handle to take out it and then clean it by

disinfection liquids and clean water.So the full process is very simple.

Picture for explanation how to use the premix machine.

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