Cold storage before installation should consider which questions and issues

Now when installed in cold storage are some of the questions and issues that need attention, why construction must be taken into account before construction of cold storage cold storage, where cold storage building, transport is not developed, cold storage construction must be considered when equipment is not new, for detailed instructions and a series of issues, we have cold storage before installation this issue to discuss:

1. refrigeration equipment are pressure vessels, prior to installation should pay attention to check whether the factory provides a pressure vessel of as-built drawings (as modified in the original blueprint, there must be changes, technical reviewer the recognition mark, completed and stamped with the seal) certificate, product quality, product safety and quality supervision and inspection for pressure vessel certificate. Unit of pressure parts for pressure vessel manufacturing, should refer to the certificate of product quality relevant content to users with technical information. Completed and field Assembly welding of pressure vessels by acceptance, construction units to provide earlier and technical documents and information. According to relevant regulations, will also provide technical information on welding and quality supervision and inspection. Of course, the field Assembly welding of pressure vessel welding personnel must have the appropriate professional certification, should know how much money do a cold storage.

2. based when the water screw hole positions according to the specific device model and pre-embedded anchoring bolts. Samples must be formed and must be dimensionally correct, with a spirit level check level. When pouring concrete, anchor bolt location cannot be moved.