Beer Tap and beer faucet art in bar

Beer Tap and beer faucet art in bar

Beer tap or beer faucet is the art of the beer bar or cafe,it indicate the style of the pub.It has the high tap hanlde beer tap and short handle beer tap,compensator beer tap and without compensator beer faucet,it has wooden,steel or plastic beer faucet.All different kind of different design like grace,pipe shape as customized one in the market.It can make your beer as different and excellent.

In here we introduce some of the beer tap/beer faucet for your reference.So that you can choose the right beer taps for your beer dispenser in bar or cafe.

1. High beer tap handle model as CO2 Beer Keg Tap BT-5

   Short beer tap handle model as Beer Tap At Home BT-2

 blob.png                                    blob.png

High beer tap handle model picture      Short beer tap handle model picture 

2. Beer faucet with compensator as model Bar Beer Tap BT-3

   Beer faucet without compensator as model Beer Tap System BT-1

blob.png                              blob.png

Beer faucet with compensator      Beer faucet without compensator

3. Special beer faucet design for beer company,please find it as follow. 

a. pipe shape beer taps model with compensator as Keg Beer Barrel Tap BT-4

b. pipe shape beer taps model without compensator as Draft Beer Tap BT-6

blob.png                                            blob.png    

pipe shape beer taps model with compensator   pipe shape beer taps model without compensator

c. grace beer taps model as Craft Beer Tap BT-7

d. grace beer taps model as Kegerator Beer Faucet BT-8

  blob.png                        blob.png

Stainless steel beer taps     Stainless steel body with plastic handle and spout 

4. all different kinds of the beer taps handle as optional to decorate your beer dispensing system in bar or cafe.

please find some kind of material,such as wooden beer taps,baking finish as follow.

 blob.png            blob.pngblob.png

wooden beer tap          baking finish beer tap handle

Except such kind of material of the beer taps and aboved also introduced the stainless steel,plastic beer tap handle,

different material can make different shape and feeling,it depends on your ideas or request.

For example,if you need the very simple model with chea price,you can choose the model Beer Tap System BT-1 .It is very simple usage and it is normaly used in kegerator in home beer keg dispenser,it is popular and easy to find the spareparts in the market.

If you would like the make the beer or beer system very graceful,you can choose the model Craft Beer Tap BT-7 .If you would like

the Classical feeling,you can use Draft Beer Tap BT-6 with baking finish beer tap handle.

Wish this can help you to choose the know beer tap or faucet and choose the one you like.If you need more information,please visit or email to us by will try our best to satisfy you.

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