bag in box dispenser installation and user instruction(premix dispenser)

Bag in box dispenser installation and user instruction(premix dispenser)

Bag in box is popular in soda or cola syrup before and now it is popular in juice,milk,Yogurt, Lactic acid bacteria this bag in box machine is premix dispenser which is easy to use and low cost than post mix machine.however,a lot of consumer or drinks company do not know how to use it.So we give some suggestions on the installation here.

Wish this can give a lot of customer instruction and let them easy to handle it.As all of the premix dispenser,some country or area called bag in box dispenser is almost the same structure and only the difference is the valve.Some valve use is simple,and some valve is a little difficult.However,currently,amed commercial refrigeration premix dispenser model only need handle to install it and do not need the tools.It is easy to handle.

As you know that bag in box dispenser have 2 stuff,one is the premix dispenser machine and another is the drinks bag.So the installation is to connect the bag in box and the premix machine.

Now we give the example and talk how to deal with it by Milk and yoghourt dispenser JPD-A2C.please find it follow.

  1. take out the bag in box drinks

  2. put inside of the basket of the premix machine

  3. connect the bag's tube on the valve hole

  4. use handle and clips to fix the drinks tube

  5. put on the valve cover by handle.

  6. use cup to dispense the drinks of the bag in box

Please find the video of the installation of the bag in box dispenser(premix dispenser)as follow.

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