Areas that need attention

First of all, in refrigerated cold storage prices running in the cold store staff often pay attention to oil level of compressor oil lens of the unit, make sure that oil level within the scope of the guarantee stated in the oil immersion lens. Once there was a shortage of oil in the refrigeration compressor will burn motor stuck, and a series of cascading failures occurred. Starting from cold storage refrigeration units operating for the first time, pay attention to oil level in a timely manner, in the first month of operation refrigeration oil should be replaced after keeping replaced once a year.

Secondly, to use debugging before cold storage refrigeration units, use professional equipment used in testing the power supply voltage, ambient temperature is within the range of normal operation of the unit under to avoid due to insufficient voltage (too high).

Again, to strictly maintain the refrigeration refrigeration cycle dry, especially when the tube evaporator, and must not be allowed to rust, steel pipe shall not be left on metal impurities, acids and water. In addition the entire refrigeration unit current protection device must be installed and protected refrigeration units to avoid damage caused by overloaded load, not frequently installed refrigeration units in the debugging switch, at least to keep it running for at least 5 minutes before shutdown action.