AMED open front cooler solutions for cosmetics chain

As a one of the leader of the open front cooler company in china, we make a lot of solutions to satisfy different customer request and get a good reputation in commercial refrigeration field. We innovated the open front cooler to satisfy a cosmetics chain company last year and they are succeed in Cosmetics business after implement this project.


There is cosmetics company who advocate the health and nature life, and the import the cosmetics from Germany and Denmark which used the nature technology to make the cosmetics. Some kind of cosmetics or skin care products need to keep in good temperature and conditions. At the same time, they need to transmit such kind of ideas to the consumer and support them to take care of their face and body. So they have the requirement to use the refrigeration equipment to keep the skin care products in fresh condition.


Intend to spread this kind of ideas and they decide to use the refrigeration equipment in plaza or shopping center which has the cosmetics counters. Based on their requirement and we make some of the solutions For them to meet the limited conditions of that area. Finally, both sides discussed and decide to use the open front cooler solutions to satisfy the plaza and consumer.


Before we start this project, there are some problem we need to figure if they go into the plaza or shopping center cosmetics counter.

1).The depth should be very thin because the place is limited.

2).The length should be different because different plaza or shopping center can give them different size of the area. We need to produce it and make the cooler in good quality even it use a lot of different length

3).The open front cooler or refrigeration equipment should be quiet because it is high level place

4).The Plaza or shopping center is well decorated and can not use remote refrigeration products, and it only can use the plug in cooler

5). The Plaza or shopping center is well decorated and you can not scratch floor when you moving the refrigeration equipment and normally the equipment is between 300-600kg

6). Need to be service easily because the Plaza or shopping center can not go inside to service or maintain the refrigeration equipment in business hours. So it need the cooler can easy and quick service in mid night time

7) The power can not be so big because the power of the place is limited by square meter

8) Good appearance and easy for consumer to fetch the skin care products, so that the sales can be good


After analysis the requirement with the cosmetics chain company, we just use two month to figure out all of the issue and launch the products to the market. Because of our rapid response to support their business and they grow up very fast and they already have 160 shops last year(as you know some international skin care company business is shrinking because their quick job to occupy a lot of market share).

All of the shop are located in First level city(beijiing, shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, chongqing) and second level city of china(like tianjin,Suzhou,Chengdu,wuhan,zhenzhou,Qingdao,jinnan,nanning,Zhengzhou, nancang, ningxia, Shenyang, Yinchuan, changshai, lechuan,etc) and the plaza or shopping center is also high level(wangfujin,wanda,maikaile,wanxiangcheng,

dayuecheng,guomao,etc)in china.


     Innovation and speed is our core competence on the open front cooler. So that’s why we can fast develop the right products to meet

     market and customer request in short time.

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