AMED New Premix Dispenser For Big Yogurt Company

As a one of the leader commercial company in china, we make a lot of classic premix dispenser for different kind of Yogurt, juice company in china and other drinks company in the world. We developed two kinds of the premix machine forthe drinks market. One is for the company and another one is for the traditional market, our main market is drinks company because we cooperatedwith them to innovate the products to lead China market.  


Currently, we have 4 kinds of models for the market, one tap model JDP-A1 is for the mini market, two taps Model JDP-A2 is for the retail market(a lot of napa stores use this kind of machine and it is very popular in china market now ) and the model JDP-A2B is a new model for the B2B market. The model JDP-A2B with two kinds of version,one is direct cooling system with LED surface illumination system, another version dynamic cooling system with TV showing for advertisement. This two kinds of new model is launched to the market this year and we are continuing to lead china premix dispenser in this summer.


The model JDP-A2B is designed for a big dairy company and they use this kind of premix machine to their yogurt dispenser in catering market. When they use this kind of the machine in the market, and the market share increase 25% in china yogurt market. We are very glad that we offered them customized premix model to satisfy the market well.


What is the benefit of AMED premix dispenser for the drinks market? The important thing is that AMED consider a lot of details which customer used in the market. AMED enter into this market for many years and have the rich expierence in this field,So we know the market requirement well. Therefore we

can developed the right products which the catering market really needed.


About the details which AMED Premix team consiner, we can share some examples.China market need the good looking to attract customer and we design the Stereoscopic sense appearance by make the angle front light box to highlight that. In the restuarant, the lamp is not so bright, so we use the surface light and bottom light to branding the drinks, and it make every customer to see the yogurt, juice or other drinks well when they enter into the shops. We also make the 3 sets of necessity parts of the premix machine,such as cup box, cups cover box and straw box for the drinks shops as optional.The important

things is this kind of drinks necessity can be attached(magnet to the steel) to the sides of the machine, it is not easy to lose and the cleark can make the shops looks very clean and tidy.It is very good to create the standard brand image and service in shops.This model also have the TV showing front panel and it is for

them to put in some special channel or place.


    There are a lot of the innovation on the new premix model JDP-A2,so that this model can lead the cold

     premix drinks market in China.If you would like to know more information or see more pictures, please 

     Click on Juice & Dairy Premix Machine JDP-A2B



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