Custom Printed Cassette Cola Cooler SCT-410

Custom Printed Cassette Cola Cooler SCT-410
Product Details

Features & Benefits

Coca-cola approved cassette cooler

* It passed the strict testing and supplier to the bottler in the world

Fast and deep cooling

* Quick cooling and average temperature is 3.3 degree

Modular design

* The refrigeration unit is removable deck,it can changed by another one within 5 minutes

* Light box is optional

* Slope shelf is optional

* Custom printed coolers(brand sticker is customized)


* Canopy

* LED light

* EMS 55 or EMS25

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Technical Data
Net volumeL410
330ml Can cacing/TotalCan7 / 378
500ml PET Facing/ToalBottle6 /168
Shelves numberEA4
Climate class/T
Temperature range0~7.2
Certificate/CE, CCC
Electrical Data
Rated powerW555
Canopy lightWHorizontal
Inner lightWVertical
Weight & Dimensions            
Gross weightkg157
Net weightkg138
External dimensions (W*D*H)mm631*687*2228
Packaging dimensions (W*D*H)mm692*742*2365
Stuffing quantity (20'/40'/40HC)Set51(40HC)

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