Swing Led Beer Tower-left

Swing Led Beer Tower-left
Product Details

Qingdao Amed Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional China swing beer bower-left manufacturer, supplier and factory, we are always at your service.

Swing Beer Bower-left

* 3 taps on the left of the beer tower

* Stailess steel beer tube to keep the beer in health and original taste

* 12 times Polished & chromed to make it smooth and delicate touch feeling

* Stainless steel to make the durage usage

* Can choose configuration beer tap

* Installation cycle tube(led beer tower) with insulation material to make sure the beer in stable temperature from beer machine to the cups 

* Crystal light to bright your brand

* This lighted beer tower's power can be 100V-252V,it can used in global market

* Appearance color optional

* 3 taps on the right side of the beer tower

* Large bar tower used in big place

Products Certification

Through decades' development, AMED is now a leading and professional manufacturer and supplier of swing led beer tower-left. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, our equipment comes in good performance, high stability and strong durability. Welcome to buy the best products for sale with us.


1. Can we order samples of the Beer tower?

--- Yes. Sample is available

2. What is the MOQ of Beer tower?

--- 10 pcs of each model with standard model. If some special requirement, we should discuss together

3. What is the LEAD TIME of the Beer tower?

--- 4 weeks after received the deposit for our factory standard. Special requirement for discussing together

4. What is the warranty for the Beer tower?

--- 1 Year 1% of FOC spare parts which ship together with the mass order

5. Can you OEM for us?

--- Yes. We can produce it for you, but customer need to give the brand authorization to avoid the dispute in local market.

6. Packages of export

--- Standard plastic film with carton box. If the Draft Tower ship out by LCL in mass order, we also can make the environmental friendly pallet for you independently