Our View

What Amed Support & Service can do for you:
• Increase sales and profits by ensuring that your products are good performance at the right temperature and in the right place
• Increase Return on customer’s Investment and reduce operating costs, by reducing the energy consumption and enlarge the life of the Refrigeration Equipment.
• Enhance brand image awareness and operational availability, by ensuring that your Refrigeration Equipment is in excellent aesthetic display condition
• Ensure reliable and competitive Refrigeration Equipment fleet management services
• Ensure quality and efficiency through our dedicated service partner or our service center in different country
For more information visit our Basic Service and High Value-added support.

Standard Warranty

We stand behind our refrigeration products because we know they are the
 best. Amed Standard Warranty is offered as part of the refrigeration equipment sales process, at no cost to the customer, in order to guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials, following proper usage.

Amed Warranty Services represents the repair service for Amed according to the Amed Standard Warranty Terms and Conditions.
• Offered when the customer purchases an Amed refrigeration equipment, at no cost, for a specified period according to Warranty Terms.
• Includes spare parts and labour cost for repairing all in-warranty malfunctions.

Post Warranty

During or after the warranty period, customer also need the refrigeration equipment operates efficiently, uninterrupted and to its full potential , enhancing brand image.

Post Warranty Service is a customised service offering the repair of Refrigeration Equipment in the market place or in the warehouse, to ensure efficient operation and the timely repair of any malfunction or aesthetic issue the customer considers necessary, at a fixed and affordable price.

Our flexible range of Post Warranty products is designed to meet each customer’s unique and specific requirements in terms of response times, spare parts availability and management, on-site and warehouse repairs, preventive maintenance performance, etc.
• Customer and Amed agree on the services that are required (which usually include all the warranty services as well as High Value-added support)

We ensure efficient operation and professional service performance of our Post Warranty services through our Amed service & support system.

Spare Parts

Amed build up the service center or dedicate the professional partner in different country, our aim is to offer the quick repairing and elimination of customer spare parts stock. This will help customer to reduce the cost of the management and also increase the sales by offering the aesthetic equipment in the market.

Based on such kind of target, we focuses on the following spare parts management:
• Availability of spare parts in different country
• Elimination of customers spare parts stocks
• Support customer to get the refrigeration related spare parts


Spare Parts Management is an integrated part of our Warranty and Post Warranty Service.


Amed technical person has rich experience in refrigeration services and and are available to train technical teams and supervisors in different country.

Training sessions are customised to each customer’s specific needs, specializing in:
• Service training on new technology models(such as CO2,HC refrigeration equipment)
• Service training of specific models both in the marketplace and in warehouses or our factory(existing models or when new ones are introduced)
• Technical training on installation for Supermarket and Beer dispenser system, etc.
• Introduction of retrofit solutions to cabinet in the market
Training sessions can be arranged either at the customer’s premises or the factory of Amed.

Service Documents

We are working closely with our customer, and offer the full service document to customer. This is a prompt and economic way for customer to find out the solutions.

Based on such kind of ideas, we offer the Dealer login right to our customer, so that the service document can be download in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please login in our system to get the document if you needed. If a file for a product model is currently unavailable, please contact customer services for assistance:

Tel:+86 532 80929339, Email:support@amedrefrigeration.com